GOODYEAR launches future tires

Goodyear researched and developed tires to be an important assistant. And more efficient in response to the individual use of driving for consumers, Mr. Mike Rostokovski, vice president and chief marketing officer, Goodyear Europe, discussing the development of prototype tires that meet the world. Of the future for comfortable driving and adapted to the needs of each person

The prototype tire "Rechargeable" comes with many modern innovations. Developed based on the following 3 key concepts

Adjusted to meet the individual needs
The heart of the "Recharge" prototype tire is a compound tire that is biodegradable and can be replenished with a special capsule that makes changing the tires convenient and easy. Special capsules containing liquid compartments for use Will cause the creation of a new tread And the new tires that will be gradually Adapted to the weather conditions, road conditions by meeting the travel needs, because AI has created detailed information of the driver to suit the adjustment of the added compound Become a compound compound that can respond to the unique needs of each driver

Rubber body or compound Made from natural materials Reinforced with fibers inspired by spider silk, one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Therefore making the rubber line the most durable And can be 100% biodegradable

In addition to changing the process of changing tires as easily as possible with capsules that are added to the old tires The tread is still lightweight, without air. Tall tires - narrow, making the tire line slim, streamlined, easy to care as possible. Helps to reduce tire care problems Or the leak of the tire to be unusable