About Us

  • Year 1991

    Established AES: All Everything Supplies

    I want to offer all products that the customer Want in good quality Affordable price starting from truck inner tubes. Until expanding to be rubber in agriculture

  • Year 1997

    Expand product line

    Trucks change tire technology to radian tires. (Find the exact year) causing the need to change the appearance of the wheel rim. Is the source of Expanded the product line to be 10 wheels, 6 wheels and 4 wheels respectively.

  • Year 2017

    Add accessories

    Add acessaries for other wheels, such as lead iron, shirota pneumatic block hammer, increase to meet more market demand.

  • Year 2020

    Imported technology pan

    Imported European technology pan into Thailand is alumium pan With strong and durable And it is 2 times lighter than general frying pan for 10 wheels, customization and carrying strap.